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Welcome to North Oak Cliff

Originally the center of one of Dallas’ first upscale master-planned communities, the neighborhood fell into economic decline as middle-class residents fled to the suburbs during the last half of the 20th century. Fortunately, reinvestment over the last 20 years has transformed North Oak Cliff into a trendy home base for young “urban pioneers” drawn to life in updated old houses set among the slew of new restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and shops.



Median Owner-Occupied Home Value


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What the Locals Say

Locals Love

The diversity of the community. The offerings of the long-established Hispanic-owned businesses along Jefferson Boulevard are as valued as are the hip spots along Davis Street that often fill with visitors from the other side of the Trinity River.

Locals Complain

About the neighborhood’s growing reputation as a “hipster” haven and being called “Dallas’ Brooklyn” because of the (admittedly common) preferences of new residents for walkable environments and locally sourced, organic fare.

Known For

The Bishops Arts District and the surrounding blocks have become a true Dallas dining destination. It’s a great place to visit — provided you can find parking.

Don’t Miss The Texas Theatre

The Texas Theatre, most famous worldwide as the place where Lee Harvey Oswald hid out after (allegedly?) shooting President John F. Kennedy, now boasts the most unique cinematic programming in the city. Music and comedy shows, as well as a surprisingly inviting bar, are also draws to the historic venue.

Why I Love North Oak Cliff

By Peter Simek

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The 2016 population of North Oak Cliff is estimated to be 73,206. That’s a change of +4.8% in the last five years. Over the next five years, the population is projected to change by +4.5%.

The number of households is 23,505, a change of +7.0% in the last five years. In the next five years, the number of households is projected to change +5.6%.

The average household size is 3.09.

Income & Employment

The median household income is $41,722 and, of the entire population age 16 and over, 32.4% aren’t in the labor force. 23.4% of families live below the poverty line.

Among those employed, 37.9% are blue-collar workers, 43.0% are white-collar workers, and 19.0% are occupied as service industry or farm workers.

The average commute time for workers who live in this area is 30.0 minutes. The average number of vehicles per household is 1.7.


57.2% of North Oak Cliff homes are detached, single-family houses. The median owner-occupied home value is $125,510

50.5% of the homes are owner-occupied. The average length of residence among residents in owner-occupied homes is 17.2 years, while the average renter has been in the same home 7.1 years.

The median year the area’s housing units were built is 1954.


North Oak Cliff includes portions of these police beats: 411, 412, 413, 414, 415, 416, 417, 441, 442, 443, 444, 446, 447

Throughout those beats during 2014, there were:

Aggravated Assaults (non-family violence) 166
Aggravated Assaults (family violence) 80
Business Burglaries 232
Home Burglaries 454
Motor-Vehicle Burglaries 974
Auto Thefts 481
Business Robberies 68
Robberies of Individuals 161
Shoplifting Incidents 408
Other Thefts 522
Murders 4
Rapes 44
School Passing Grades
2016 STAAR exam passing rates for neighborhood public schools:
Dallas ISD Arturo Salazar Elementary 78
Dallas ISD Felix Botello Elementary 73
Dallas ISD Franklin D. Roosevelt High School 56
Dallas ISD George Peabody Elementary 74
Dallas ISD Harrell Budd Elementary 65
Dallas ISD Hector Garcia Middle School 59
Dallas ISD James Bowie Elementary 75
Dallas ISD John F. Peeler Elementary 62
Dallas ISD John H. Reagan Elementary 69
Dallas ISD Justin F. Kimball High School 63
Dallas ISD L.G. Pinkston High School 62
Dallas ISD L.V. Stockard Middle School 57
Dallas ISD Leila P. Cowart Elementary 70
Dallas ISD Lida Hooe Elementary 67
Dallas ISD Louise Wolff Kahn Elementary 77
Dallas ISD Margaret B. Henderson Elementary 78
Dallas ISD Maria Moreno Elementary 59
Dallas ISD Moises E. Molina HIgh School 78
Dallas ISD Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School and Classical Academy 45
Dallas ISD Rosemont Elementary and International Harold W. Lang Middle Schooluage Preparatory Middle School 72
Dallas ISD Stevens Park Elementary 55
Dallas ISD Sunset High School 73
Dallas ISD W.E. Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy 82
Dallas ISD W.H. Adamson High School 69
Dallas ISD Winnetka Elementary 77
Dallas ISD Zan Wesley Holmes Jr. Middle School 62

Letter from North Oak Cliff

By Moira Muldoon

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Real Estate Snapshot

% Owner-Occupied Housing


Avg. Household Size


Number of Households


Avg. Length of Residency by Owner

17.2 years

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Sources: Demographic data pulled from Nielsen SiteReports and represents sampling based on most recent U.S. Census estimates. Crime data provided by local police departments. School STAAR exam passing rates from Texas Education Agency.